They can be steppingstones, guideposts, waymarkers, old friends, new friends. They can represent one hour, one dollar, one unit, one noun, or many all in one.  They can be alive or dead.  Knock and you can enter.  Open the door and you can enter.  Open your eyes or your ears or touch with your fingers and you can enter.  Don’t get hit in the side of the head by one.  Don’t prop up the piano with your good ones.  Don’t step on them.  Keep them out of the rain.  They are uniform, more so than almost anything else humans have created.  They can be listed.


1. Letters To A Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke

When I graduated from high school my poet uncle gave me this books with some offhanded remarks about its excellence.  I read it walking across my suburban town on my way to a graduation party; in my memory I read the whole thing on that walk.  Devoured it.  I haven’t read another book while walking since.


2.  to be continued


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